I know you’re from Jamaica. What was it like growing up there?
Growing up in Jamaica was fun. The weather was the best because it never got cold like New York. I also got to go to the beach a lot and hang out with my family and friends.

When did you move to Flatbush, Brooklyn?
When I was 7 years old.

Why did your family decide to leave Jamaica?
You know, a better life and more opportunities.

What was it like when you first moved to Brooklyn? Did you like the change?
Not at first. Everything was small. I went from a bigger house in Jamaica with a backyard to a little apartment in New York where I was closed up. Until I started skating and venturing out anyway. That’s when everything changed.

Nollie Board

You’re only 17. When did you start skating?
I started skating around 14 years old with my friend Duron. We used to skate all over Brooklyn. And mad flat at the park around the way.

How did you get into it?
Just seeing skating. It got me hyped. I wanted to try it.

Growing up, which skaters influenced you? Who did you look up to?
Paul Rodriguez, Shane O’neill, Stephan Martinez, Dave Willis, Charles Lamb, Rob Campbell, Ben Oleynik, Billy Rohan, Andre Page.

What’s skating in NYC like now?
Skating in the NYC is so fun because you see crazy stuff everyday. There’s always new spots to skate, too. I like to skate at LES skatepark and 12th and A everyday with everybody and then get out all over the city to try and stack. NYC is the best and traveling is sick, too.

Switch Flip

I know one of your first sponsors was Hopps Skateboards. How did you get involved with them?
I was at my local park skating one day. Jahmal Williams came up to me and asked if I wanted to ride for the company. I was down for it, so I got on. Thanks Jahmal!

Now you’re a part of Team ICECREAM with two of your homies that you grew up skating with Jamel and Stephan. What’s that like?
It’s so fun because you know your team already. It’s a real team and family. Everybody be joking around all the time, cracking jokes. Going on trips everyone is comfortable with one another, going skating everyone knows how everyone likes to work. I always looked up to Stephan, so being teammates is sick.

You got to go on a recent trip to Philly and Pittsburgh with team rider Emmet Duffy, right?
Yeah, he’s very cool and encouraging. Pumps everyone up, too. Overall, he is a real good person to hang out with. And he kills it. That frontside flip in the welcome video is crazy.

Kickflip Noseslide

The ICECREAM welcome video was up on all the skate websites and it had almost 3 million views on Worldstar when I saw it. Were you happy with how it turned out?
Yes, for sure! Everyone went hard. The homies killed it. The feedback has been good. The song was real epic. And this is just the start!

You killed that little ledge in Philly with the 5/0 tre and front tail big heel. Those are pretty rare tricks. Do you skate a lot of ledges?
Yes, I do. I love ledges. They are so fun to skate. You can just skate em all day and learn shit.

So what’s next for you?
To keep progressing and skating everyday. We got a trip to Chicago to skate with Emmet coming up, so that’s gonna be sick.

Thank you’s?
To my friends, family, everyone at ICECREAM, Supreme, Hopps and the Harold Hunter Foundation. Thanks everyone, you carried me a long way.

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